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Team was created to certify maintenance personnel at every athletic institution in the country. Teams certification process gives your maintenance personnel the education required to inspect and Maintain your facility equipment to keep it in compliance for the manufacturers warranty. Team is aware that all manufacturer provide warranty for its equipment some 25 years to in some cases lifetime, however, what most athletic facilities are not aware of is that in order for those to Be valid an annual inspection is required.

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Team is aware that most athletic facilities use their normal maintenance crew to try an inspect and try to maintain the facility equipment, however, to be fair most maintenance crews are not trained or educated on what to look for in regards to what the manufacturer requires for warranty compliance.

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Team is aware that understandably in the case of most athletic institution, even when safety is an issue, cost matters. The cost for one annual inspection in can be substantial.

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Team will certify three members of your facility maintenance crew for three years. This gives your facility years round access to trained certified personnel to help improve the safety of your complex and at a fraction of the usual cost.

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Team is aware the percentage may be low when it comes to injury caused by incidents at athletic facilities, but the percentage becomes (100%) when it happens at your facility.

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We teamed up with a couple of different Manufacturers in the industry, to put into place the maintenance regimens that currently exist. However, it seems that some schools, either don’t want to spend the money on it, unless someone steps in and says ”you have to do it”. Several manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and said that if you do not do this annual maintenance required, then you could lose your warranty, which is in some cases 25+ years, and in some cases lifetime warranty. We have partnered with these manufacturers to put these programs in place. However, this has not solved the problem completely. We are not physically able to get into every facility throughout the country.

To educate and certify your maintenance personnel, to be able to do the proper maintenance and inspections on this equipment, first to educate your personnel on things they can’t get any experience any other place. Secondly, to reduce the cost to each facility, by having in house certified guys perform these maintenance and inspections. Thirdly, possibly saving someone’s life. Also, educating them on how to identify the manufacturer, and supplier, so that you are able to get the correct replacement parts. In order for us to be able to do this, your personnel must recertify every year, before performing these inspections and maintenance, so that it is fresh on their mind. We understand that they don’t deal with this equipment on a daily basis. So if they take the refresher course, annually before they perform the work on an annual basis, then they are much more able to perform a professional maintenance and inspection.